Äsmo (Wolfgang Nyvelt and Stefan Gruber) has been meticulously designing and crafting the Pow Surfer from their shaping bay situated in the Austrian Alps in the ZiIllertal Valley since 2006. What began as a passion project is now turning into a full fledged quest toward progression and functionality. Over the course of the last half decade the boards have evolved from crude hand hewn shapes to masterful works of art fused by both hand and unique technology. Drawing from a wide variety of inspirations spanning from the surf inspired shapes from great thinkers like Bob Simmons and Dimitrij Milovich to the technically minded boards from our passion for Skateboarding. The ÄSMO Pow-surfers combine elements from all 3 primary board sports, Snowboarding, Surfing and Skateboarding and fuse them into something fresh, progressive , totally unique and above all fun.