The Äsmo Quiver is consistently growing and evolving the same principle, which influenced and inspired Äsmo from the beginning. Planing hulls and the idea of speed and control is a crucial concept infused in all our shapes.
A big surface area generates a lot of lift and the channels enables you to have control over the speed received with the unique 3-Dimensional Bottom Contours of the Äsmo Powsurfer.

A wide variety of Outlines let you explore all kind of different feelings and let you adapt to ever changing conditions and terrains.

Äsmo reflects our great respect for Snowboard, Skateboard and especially Surfboard designs. We try to adapt past ideas, put our own twist on things and come up with something new for a unique Binding-less experience.

The Channels

This 3D shapes make our Boards perform in a unique way like no other Powsurfer.
The Channel, a concept taken from Surfing, was adapted and reinvented for the best possible Binding-Less performance. The flat surface area in the middle of the board provides maximum lift in powder and the channels allow the Board to tilt on each side and dig in one edge. This gives the Board control in turns, for traversing and jumps. They act like a fin on a surfboard, but rather than being placed at the tail end the channels run in the middle of the board in between your feet. It enables you to draw the line you want and let you navigate the board even on slopes to reach your next powder run.


As the name implies the OG Line is designed and crafted in our shaping bay situated in our Hometown in the Alps of Zillertal Austria. Over the last decade and a half, the Boards have evolved from crude hand-hewn shapes to masterful works of rideable art fused by both hand and unique technology. The Original Line is the backbone and the soul of the Äsmo Quiver.

Handcrafted in Zillertal/Austria we combine high-end materials with the latest experience of technique and know how.
We use the 3D Top Veneer because it features more rigid properties whilst keeping the Board light.
The sandwich construction of the Äsmo is similar to a Snowboard but more complex due to the 3D contours.
The Original Line requires a combination of specifically developed materials and components pieced together over a multi-day period. All the materials are hand selected to ensure the best quality control and a CNC machine provides flawless flow from design to construction.
Original Line Shapes can be Custom-Made to provide our customers with their perfect personal Board. There are many options to tune your board, from choice of shapes to choosing composite materials and different kind of top sheet veneer (e.g. American Walnut).


The Äsmo Powsurfer features a pad made from EVA Foam, which is super light. It has a kick on the tail and nose end for a solid stance and good-sized knobs for perfect traction.

Furthermore, the Äsmo Powsurfer will be delivered with a stainless-steel Leash Plug, which is screwed into the back insert to hook up the Leash.


The end finish and quality control of our Boards is a major point to us.
Both Lines – the Factory Line and the Original Line – get inspected carefully before we manually stick the pads on every single Board.

Additionally, the Original Line gets sealed twice with UV resistant coating and then gets annealed for a few hours at about 70° Celsius for 2 reasons:

1) to get it waxed. The Heat Box is equivalent waxing a board about 10 times with a regular Iron. An all-round wax is used in this process and the boards come ready to scrape.

2) to enhance the characteristics of the Epoxy Resin.