Marok Line

The Marok Line is a completely new Series and represents the first signature boards of Äsmo ever.
The Blunts are our most freestyle orientated board shapes.
They are stiffer and wider but very agile and therefore perfect for progressive freestyle moves. Due to the bigger surface area, they are best suited for big mountain freestyle performances.
The Shape of the line is the classical Blunt, available in two sizes, namely: 143 and 154
This new Line is a cooperation between the two founders of Äsmo – Wolfgang “Wolle” Nyvelt & Steve Gruber – and Thomas Marecki aka Marok, the legendary street artist from Berlin.


Blunt 143 Marok x Wolle


Blunt 154 Marok x Steve


Thomas Marecki aka Marok – born and raised in Berlin – is a true luminary regarding art and design in the Skateboard, Snowboard and Surf and especially Street-Art Scene in Europe. In the year 1995 he founded the legendary Lowdown magazine where he set a landmark for that upcoming street culture by creating new and uncommon ways of representing this new kind of underground lifestyle.
It was a movement against the ordinary establishment and shallow mainstream which had a huge influence on the scene until today.
To come straight to the point: Marok was a major enabler for the next generations of art and design in that genre.
In 2015 – after 20 years and 100 issues – he decided to stop Lowdown to get away from boredom and habit (because of inexorable digitalism too), breaking new ground and pursuing new projects.
His art is versatile and never apposite to describe it in a few words. Maybe the artist himself can do it best and in an authentic way by saying: „I want to create a parallel approach to everyday things, connect and couple things that are otherwise viewed as disparate elements and thus create a present that is absurd and real at the same time – just like today‘s reality.“