Original Line Winterwolves


Schoph, first came into prominence in the UK / European snowboard scene, transcending from snowboarding to his second love…his art. Now a successful artist and Co-Founder of the House of Maiden and Dalikfodda.

Originally from Yorkshire, England, Schoph has gained great momentum with his work in recent years including collaborations and signature lines with Dragon, Lib-Tech, Volcom, Vans, JamesBrand, Lobster and Elm Company. Along with his artwork for board brands, Schoph has successfully co-curated four editions of HMNNTR …one of the only touring art shows in the snow industry and is quickly gaining notoriety as one of the most sought-after professionals in his field. Exhibiting internationally and extensively taking in the US, Japan, Norway, Europe and his native home the UK.

Represented by the illustrious Asymbol Gallery, Schoph is layered, methodical and practically impossible to wrap your mind around in any short amount of time. An artist in a continuous state of creation, uncompromising and bold in his execution capturing an energy and depth, seamlessly blending beauty and dark matter together.

Building an art collective around him of close friends and working with his peers on collaborative projects and exhibitions all over the world, bringing ever drop of blood, sweat and tears to his works.

Gun 153

Phantom 152

SI 148