This colorful Line is completely redesigned and got an upgrade in shape and function.


Zsigmondy 138


SI 152


Phantom 158


SI 144


Phantom 154


Fernando Elvira, born in the Basque Country, is painter, photographer, a sculptor and a video artist.  He always loved skateboarding and therefore he left his chemistry studies in Madrid to direct the skate magazine TRES60 in Bilbao. Already at that time he revolutionized the vision of skateboarding through his photographs and articles. In 1993 he started his career as a solo artist.

His art deals with symbols and reduction. Since beginning of human kind symbols played a major role in society. Now more than ever. Fernando Elvira unites ancient ethnic symbols with contemporary ones. This symbiosis is impressive because it is disturbing and harmonic at the same time. His pictures always convey cryptical messages with a lot of room for interpretation.

His visual language is legendary in the world of Skate- and Snowboarding. He cooperates with brands like Element, Salomon, Krooked and Magenta. For his Quiver with Äsmo he created some very engrossing and beautiful pieces of art and brought some colors back into the game.